Silicon Valley Quiz

Kiko was...
Who said, "It's like when somebody says they want to go birding with you, but really they just want to get you alone in the woods, so they can take your binoculars."
When Dinesh said, "It looks like a guy sucking a dick, with another dick tucked behind his ear for later. Like a snack dick", what was he referring to?
What did Gilfoyle name his servers?
Who said, "One of you is the least attractive person I've ever seen, and I'm not gonna say who"?
Who said, "I firmly believe we can only achieve greatness if first we achieve goodness"?
What is Hooli XYZ responsible for?
Who caused the deletion of Intersite's video library?
What movie did Dinesh watch with the female programmer at TechCrunch?
Who said "He started crying in Taco Bell. He tried to blame the taco sauce."
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