Silicon Valley Season 3 (Part 1) Quiz

Which was not a moustache variant that was available in Flutterbeam's app?
Jared wondered what "forking" was. Erlich explained it to him. Who brought it up?
When Dinesh received a bank of monitors that he could control by moving his hand, which movie did he related the experience to?
Which character only smokes on special occasions?
In the Raviga offices, Laurie Bream had a handyman hang artwork made of what human body parts?
When Dinesh wore a chain, which was not an unsult that was hurled at him?
Which element of the conjoined triangles of success was the "hypotenuse"?
How many bedrooms does Big Head's new house have?
Why did Jared consider himself to be a chair expert?
Who thinks Richard looks like a "ventriloquist dummy" when he dresses in a suit?
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