S01E06 - Third Party Insourcing

No: 6  |  Season: 1   Episode: 6  |  Air Date: 11-May-14  |  Ratings: 1.69


To complete the cloud integration portion of the Pied Piper app in time for Tech Crunch, Richard hires Kevin "The Carver", an Adderall-addicted teenaged programmer. However, the Carver accidentally destroys the entire app, forcing the team to work together to recover their work. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle's hot girlfriend Tara visits the house. After Gilfoyle tells Dinesh that Tara wants to have sex with him, an embarrassed Dinesh finally agrees to the tryst, but soon discovers that Gilfoyle was playing him. Jared accepts a ride in Peter Gregory's driverless car, but ends up being trapped in the car and shipped to Peter's artificial island located on the International Date Line.

Director and Writers

Director: Alec Berg
Written by: Dan O'Keefe


Erlich: Which one was it? It was Church Candy, wasn't it? Well, you just brought piss to a shit fight!

Doctor: I don't know how you did it, but you essentially aged 40 years in the last seven weeks.
Richard: Wow, really?
Doctor: We had a meth addict in here this morning who was biologically younger than you are, and he's 58. Myspace guy.

Jared: Six months ago, these guys had 35 million and Series B Financing. Now The Carver's here doing teardown.
Dinesh: He's basically moving their carcass to the cloud.
Erlich: Don't touch anything. Failure is contagious.

Erlich: Are you sure that she didn't ask Gilfoyle for a danish and maybe you misheard her?
Dinesh: You're probably right, she just wanted to fuck a Danish.

Dinesh: Looks like Gilfoyle and his lady Satanist are back from the airport.
Erlich: Can you imagine what kind of shit-show this one's gonna be? He says that she has an Amy Winehouse vibe. What does that mean? All tatted-up and nowhere to go.
Dinesh: Hooked on OxyContin?
Jared: Decomposing? (shakes his head) Oh. Oh, Okay, that was dark.

Car: Destination override. New destination: 1 Gregory Drive, Arallon. Distance to new destination: 4,126 miles. Enjoy your ride.
Jared: (confused) Umm, what's happening? Uh, I'm sorry, what? Mr. Car?

Erlich: I'd have sex with that if you hose the Gilfoyle off of her.
Dinesh: It's weird having a girl in the house. There's a very strange energy.

Dinesh: I should not have eaten all that Satanist chicken.

Kevin: (to Richard) Why do you keep your lips pressed so tight together when you're not talking? 'Cause they're like white. It looks uncomfortable.
(Richard attempts to work with his lips apart)

Dinesh: I'm much more handsome than you are. No, my face is completely symmetrical. You know what my nickname was when I was a kid?
Erlich: What?
Dinesh: Pakistani Denzel.

Satanist Leader: Hail Satan, it is done. Well, thanks for coming, everyone. Brother Jason was kind enough to furnish this week's food. It's Chick-fil-A. I know, they're on the Christian right, but darned if that chicken isn't good. I think the Dark Lord would understand.

Dinesh: To be honest, elements of this arrangement still trouble me. However, I have not had a lot of sexual experiences. So I feel it may be foolish to turn this down. So as long as Gilfoyle is not in the room and I can verify that the door is locked then I have concluded that yes I would love to have sexual relations with you Tara. Yeah.


"Stretch Your Face" by Tobacco (Opening title music)

"Party and Bullshit (Remix)" by Ratatat (End-credits music.)

Notes and Trivia

According to the DVD commentary, there was an alternate story line where Jared was trying to get Peter Gregory's signature, followed him on a plane, and wound up in Siberia. The scenes were cancelled when Peter Gregory passed away. It was replaced by the story line where Jared gets trapped in the self-driving car and shipped to the island.

The self-driving car was being driven by a crew who controlled the car from another vehicle that remained nearby.

The actress who played the nude woman with the papier mache goat head won the part mainly because she had done the exact same part for a Rob Zombie video.


While in the doctor's office Richard states he learned Ruby on Rails when he was 17. However, tech geeks have pointed out that Richard would have already been 18 when Ruby on Rails came out.

When Kevin the "Carver" destroys the Pied Piper platform, many tech geeks wondered why they couldn't just revert the platform to an earlier build. However, in the DVD commentary it was revealed that there was a line cut out of the final dialogue that actually explained why they couldn't revert to an earlier build.


The scene where Jared and the self-driving car drive into a shipping container and load into a ship was filmed at the Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington, CA. (Google)


StarringThomas MiddleditchRichard Hendricks
StarringT.J. MillerErlich Bachman
StarringJosh BrenerNelson 'Big Head' Bighetti
StarringMartin StarrBertram Gilfoyle
StarringKumail NanjianiDinesh Chugtai
StarringChristopher Evan WelchPeter Gregory (voice)
StarringAmanda CrewMonica Hall
StarringZach WoodsDonald 'Jared' Dunn
Co-StarringR.J. Enriquez
Co-StarringMatt SheaSatanist Leader
Guest StarringAustin AbramsKevin (The Carver)
Guest StarringAndrew DalyDoctor
Guest StarringGriffin GluckCaleb (Adderall Boy)
Guest StarringMilana VayntrubTara
WithMatt RossGavin Belson