S02E01 - Sand Hill Shuffle

No: 9  |  Season: 2   Episode: 1  |  Air Date: 12-Apr-15  |  Ratings: 2.13


When the Pied Piper team learned of Peter Gregory's death, it lead to uncertainty as to whether Raviga would invest in their series A funding. Erlich and Richard set out to pitch their company to a number of venture capitalist firms who were interested in funding them. They were elated to find they were even more successful with each meeting, as Erlich discovered that being rude lead to higher offers. At the end of the day, Raviga's new managing partner Laurie Bream offered them the best offer, which Richard tentatively decided to accept. However, after speaking to Monica and then Javeed, who was once a Silicon Valley success story, but now he is broke and alone, Richard decided to accept Raviga funding, but only a lower and more realistic amount. At the end of the episode it was revealed that Gavin Belson (Hooli) was suing Pied Piper, which put the entire plan in jeopardy.

Director and Writers

Director: Mike Judge
Written by: Clay Tarver


(The pitcher Tyler Beede throws a heater. It whistles past Richard)
Richard: Whoa.
Stern Taylor VC: You okay there, Richard?
Richard: Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
Tyler Beede: Sorry, I can't really throw it any slower.
Stern Taylor VC: Give it another cut, Richard.
Richard: No, I'm fine. I don't want to. Maybe someone else wants to. Who's next?
Jared: If someone has to go, I'll go, but it seems very frightening.
Skyler Ewing: You sure? You got us for the whole hour.
Stern Taylor VC: Anyone?
Jared: Would it hurt your feelings if no one went?

Erlich: Ooh, the Winklevoss twins. Look at them. They're like two genetically enhanced Ken dolls.

Erlich: If you can't enjoy this many people kissing our ass at this level, then I feel sorry for you. Would you just relax and take it in for a second? I mean, we are getting our dicks sucked at the AT&T Park.

Dinesh: We're standing on the field of the World Series champions.
Gilfoyle: It's totally lost on me.
Dinesh: Yeah, I don't give a shit, either.

Monica: He was in the Serengeti on safari and he had just gone into his tent when a hippo wandered into the camp.
Richard: Oh, wow.
Erlich: He was attacked by a hippo?
Monica: No, I guess the hippo started to charge when the guide grabbed his rifle and shot at it, but his aim was off, and...
Richard: And he shot Peter Gregory by accident?
Monica: No, he he missed, but I guess the sound of the gun startled Peter, who ran out of his tent and...
Richard: Ran right into the hippo?
Monica: No, the hippo was also startled by the noise and had run off prior to Peter exiting his tent.
Erlich: So, what happened to Peter?
Monica: He hadn't run in a long time, maybe ever, and you know, he just... that was it.

Gavin Belson: Data creation is exploding. With all the selfies and useless files people refuse to delete on the cloud, was created in the last two years alone. At the current rate, the world's data storage capacity will be overtaken by next spring. It will be nothing short of a catastrophe. Data shortages, data rationing, data black markets. Someone's compression will save the world from data-geddon, and it sure as hell better be Nucleus and not goddamn Pied Piper! I don't know about you people, but I don't wanna live in a world where someone else makes the world a better place better than we do.
(Gavin Belson leaves)
Marketing Executive: Data-geddon. Is he married to that, or? There's just been a lot of "geddons" lately.
Heidi: That's true. "Snow-mageddon", "Car-mageddon".
Marketing Executive: There's that movie "Armageddon".

Gavin: That was horrible. I just got humiliated by a fucking teenager at TechCrunch Disrupt, and you give me this tampon ad?

Erlich: Line 'em up nuts to butts.

Richard: Remember when you told me to come back when I had more? And then I said I would? Well, I'm not going to. Ever. This doesn't count. I'm covered in dust. I'm a three-foot dick, and I've got half an ass to go to some other company who's never gonna put me on a Jumbotron or throw balls at me. Bye.

Erlich: Shit, they were negging us.
Richard: Negging?
Jared: Negging is going negative. It's a manipulative sex strategy used by lonely chauvinists.

Erlich: Okay, here's my concern Here's my concern Who the hell picked out that shirt for you? - What? - Oh, I see. With the pants, so I guess it's a whole - thing.
VC: My wife picked these out.
Erlich: Then you married poorly.

Erlich: It's just that painting behind you. It's awful. It looks like harlequin Kama Sutra done poorly.

Erlich: Well thank you for meeting with us. We have a bunch of these things to go to, hopefully with more tasteful artwork, and your logo looks like a sideways vagina. I find that to be racist, don't you?

Erlich: In fact, what I think I'm seeing is the human equivalent of a "flaccid" penis.
Richard: Flak-sid. It's actually pronounced flak-sid. Not a lot of people know that.

Erlich: One of you is the least attractive person I've ever seen, and I'm not gonna say who.

Richard: (attempting to be negative) So, with some proper funding, we should be able to get a functioning beta in time for CES. And if you don't fund us, you're a fucking slut. Ah. What's that smell? Is that a fart? You Are you a farter? Now, can I have a pastry? Or are you guys gonna eat 'em all? 'Cause you're gonna get fat.


"Stretch Your Face" by Tobacco (Opening title music)

"Blockbuster Night Part 1" by Run The Jewels (End-credits music.)

Notes and Trivia

The actor who played Peter Gregory, Christopher Evan Welch, actually passed away from cancer halfway through the production of the first season. His death wasn't originally intended to be announced until the actor passed. Later, Mike Judge decided they would write it into the story.

The epsiode title, "Sand Hill Shuffle", is a reference to Sand Hill Road, an arterial road in Menlo Park, California, notable for its concentration of venture capital companies.

According to DVD commentary, Thomas Middleditch improvised the line, "I was gonna say if you had, you'd have to show me yours, too." (His reaction to Monica seeing him going to the bathroom, and saying she never saw anything.)

According to Mike Judge, when they were brainstorming for the term "Datageddon", another option on the table was "Judgement Da-ta" .

Suzanne Cryer who plays "Laurie Bream", the new CEO of Raviga, played "Marcy" in the the "Seinfeld" episode "The Yada Yada". Seinfeld is also where Executive Producer Alec Berg began his career.

There was a deleted plot-point after the scene where Richard meets Javeed for drinks, where Richard calls an Uber and it turns out that Javeed is the driver.

On the DVD commentary, Mike Judge explained that Christopher Even Welch's mother had asked that they try to make Peter Gregory's death humorous.

The opening scene was shot in ATT Park, the actual San Francisco Giants stadium, marking only the second scene in the series that was actually shot in the San Francisco Bay area. The day they shot there was a deluge of rain and rain puddles on the field were removed digitally.

The scene where Monica explains Peter's death to Erlich and Richard was the first scene shot in season two.

As well as in the opening scene, Tyler Winklevoss can also be seen as a mourner at the wake.

Thomas Middleditch improvised his lines when Richard returned to Stern Taylor and gave the angry speech. Also, T.J. Miller improvised most of his lines when he was "negging" the venture capital firms.

Ehrlich's shirt says 01000010011010010111010001100011011011110110100101101110. This is "Bitcoin" in binary.

According to Mike Judge, the doves released at Peter Gregory's funeral were actually white homing pigeons, which are used in television/movies because they tend to return.

In the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards (2015), Mike Judge was nominated for "Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series" for the episode "Sand Hill Shuffle".




The Stern Taylor party at the baseball field was actually fimed at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

The establishing shot of the restaurant exterior taken when Richard meets Javeed for drinks was taken at Reposado, 236 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA. The interior scenes were shot in studio in Los Angeles.


StarringThomas MiddleditchRichard Hendricks
StarringT.J. MillerErlich Bachman
StarringJosh BrenerNelson 'Big Head' Bighetti (credit only)
StarringMartin StarrBertram Gilfoyle
StarringKumail NanjianiDinesh Chugtai
StarringAmanda CrewMonica Hall
StarringZach WoodsDonald 'Jared' Dunn
StarringMatt RossGavin Belson
StarringSuzanne CryerLaurie Bream
StarringJimmy O. YangJian Yang
Guest StarringAlexander ChaplinVenture Capitalist
Guest StarringAly MawjiAly Dutta
Guest StarringJack Plotnick
Guest StarringCharan PrabhakarJaveed
Guest StarringDavid Rees SnellRoss Loma Capital Executive
Guest StarringBrian TichnellJason
Co-StarringTyler BeedeHimself (Pitcher)
Co-StarringMark BloomWood Opal Venture Capitalist
Co-StarringDiane ChernanskyHeidi Evans
Co-StarringTaylor CoffmanMarketing Executive
Co-StarringBruce Robert ColeMedoa VC
Co-StarringJohn ColellaColeman Blair VC
Co-StarringSkyler Blaine EwingHimself (Catcher)
Co-StarringAngela Gulner
Co-StarringJeff HolmanGeorge Silver
Co-StarringBella PopaNicole Stein
Co-StarringPete PunitoThornston Graves VC
Co-StarringJustin RosensteinHimself
Co-StarringEvan SpiegelHimself
Co-StarringCameron WinklevossHimself
Co-StarringTyler WinklevossHimself