Silicon Valley Goofs

All goofs from the hit HBO show "Silicon Valley"

S05E05 - Facial Recognition (Goofs)

The way Hoover handles the ice cream container shows that it is empty.

S05E03 - Chief Operating Officer (Goofs)

When Jian-Yang is calling Jared, his Samsung Galaxy phone rings with a IPhone ringtone.

S05E02 - Reorientation (Goofs)

Even though Richard continues to hold a white towel to his bloody nose, blood stains on the towel disappear and then reappear from shot to shot.

S04E07 - The Patent Troll (Goofs)

When Jian-Yang is loading the fridge with food, Gilfoyle's two beers are on a shelf in the door and positioned one in front of each other. A few seconds later as Gilfoyle reaches in and takes a beer they are now positioned side-by-side.

S04E06 - Customer Service (Goofs)

When Erlich is sitting at the table in the VC meeting, the stack of hats are neatly arranged, then in one shot one of the hats is unstacked, only to be shown neatly back in the stack on the next shot.

S04E05 - The Blood Boy (Goofs)

The writing on Gavin Belson's picture changed from the previous episode to this episode. (Unless this is a plot point, it is an oversight by production)

S04E04 - Teambuilding Exercise (Goofs)

Gilfoyle corrected Dinesh's pronunciation of Wi-Fi, but a few seconds later he pronounced it the same way Dinesh had.

S04E03 - Intellectual Property (Goofs)

In the scene where Jack Barker and Gavin Belson are walking across the "Hooli" campus you can see a "University Student Union" sign on the building in the background. Later in the episode, when Hoover walks Gavin to his car the "University Student Union" sign is not present.

In the scene where Richard and Monica were chatting in the supermarket, the external shot of the supermarket showed no cars parked outside, however the supermarket was quite busy inside.

S04E01 - Success Failure (Goofs)

In the scene where Gilfoyle and Dinesh are talking in the kitchen, the coffee pot goes from empty to not-empty and then empty again.

S03E10 - The Uptick (Goofs)

Notice when Dinesh and Gilfoyle speak to Richard near the pool, a button on the back of Richard's collar is buttoned and then unbuttoned, making it seem that the button disappears and reappears.

S03E09 - Daily Active Users (Goofs)

Near the end of the episode Richard buttons his shirt incorrectly, but when he walks out of the room his shirt is buttoned properly.

S03E06 - Bachmanity Insanity (Goofs)

At the beginning of the episode, as Erlich is filling plastic cups from the extra large virgin margarita, he fills the first cup. However, when the shot immediately shifts to across the table the margarita glass seems to be full again.

In the scene where Big Head is talking to Erlich at Alcatraz, Big Head's hair goes from being combed nicely, to messy, and then back to being combed.

S03E05 - The Empty Chair (Goofs)

When Gilfoyle drills Dinesh's hard drive there are metal shavings everywhere. However, when he lifts the drill and blows on the drill bit there are no longer metal shavings on the drive or the table.

S03E03 - Meinertzhagen's Haversack (Goofs)

In the final scene, as they leave the elevator, you can see that Richard is wearing knee-pads beneath his pants.

During the sped-up work montage, Erlich's pizza box goes from half-full to empty, and then back to half-full again.

In the scene in Monica's office, when Richard turns away to look at the maintenance person hanging the "hair" art, there is an obvious over-dubbing of his voice.

S03E02 - Two in the Box (Goofs)

Noah sold his house and moved to Arizona in S02E10. However, in this episode, Jared says that he wishes to move out of "Noah's guest house" because, "Noah has been using a lot of hate speech with me lately."

S02E10 - Two Days of the Condor (Goofs)

When Richard texted Jared from court his phone battery level is high. However, a short time later when he tries to use his phone his battery is drained.

S02E09 - Binding Arbitration (Goofs)

When Erlich takes the yogurt out of the refrigerator the camera cuts away, but when it cuts back a few seconds later the container is opened and a spoon is already in the yogurt.

S02E08 - White Hat/Black Hat (Goofs)

When Richard and Russ are drinking tequila and Russ raises his hand to be hi-fived, his mouth can be seen moving (with no sound) during the shot over his shoulder.

When Russ and Richard are drinking tequila, Richard's shirt has a wet spot in one shot and is dry in the next shot.

S02E07 - Adult Content (Goofs)

Gavin Belson mistakenly attributes the development and failure of the Apple Newton to Steve Jobs. The Newton was developed after Jobs had left Apple and its failure was a contributing factor to his return to the company.

S01E06 - Third Party Insourcing (Goofs)

While in the doctor's office Richard states he learned Ruby on Rails when he was 17. However, tech geeks have pointed out that Richard would have already been 18 when Ruby on Rails came out.

When Kevin the "Carver" destroys the Pied Piper platform, many tech geeks wondered why they couldn't just revert the platform to an earlier build. However, in the DVD commentary it was revealed that there was a line cut out of the final dialogue that actually explained why they couldn't revert to an earlier build.

S01E03 - Articles of Incorporation (Goofs)

In this episode, Peter Gregory pretends he has never heard of Burger King before. However, in the first episode of the series he actually tells Richard, "Go work at Burger King.", when Richard met him on the street after Peter's TED Talk.