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Jian Yang Quotes - Silicon Valley

Jian Yang quotes from the hit HBO show "Silicon Valley"

S03E10 - The Uptick (Jian Yang Quotes)

Erlich: Richard, I will expect you off the premises by end of day. Monica. (leaves)
Jian Yang: (to Richard) You know you can stay here for one year, free rent.

Erlich: (answers his phone) Go for Erlich.
Jian Yang: Erlich Bachman, this is you as an old man. I'm ugly and I'm dead. Alone.
Erlich: (aside) I'm gonna let him have this one. All right, uh well, I'm sorry to hear that, Future Me. What a terrible thing. I'll talk to you in several years.

S03E07 - To Build a Better Beta (Jian Yang Quotes)

Jian Yang: (phone message) Eric Bachman, is your refrigerator running? This is Mike Hunt.

(Erlich's phone rings)
Jian Yang: Eric Bachman, this is your mom, and you, you are not my baby.
Erlich: (yelling) Not now Jian Yang, not now! Go back to your room!

S03E02 - Two in the Box (Jian Yang Quotes)

Erlich: I realize this is a Japanese tradition and that you are Chinese. I'm not racist.
Jian Yang: Yes, Japanese people racist. They are horrible.

Jian Yang: I'm going to smoke in my room. Special occasion.
Erlich: Oh. Mother fuck.

S02E08 - White Hat/Black Hat (Jian Yang Quotes)

Jian Yang: What if I told you there is an app on the market...
Erlich: No, you wait until you're inside. Okay? We haven't even gotten the bottle of water yet.

Jian Yang: I don't smoke. Except for special occasions.
Erlich: So you do smoke? Wait, have you been smoking in my house?
Jian Yang: No. There's no special occasion ever happen in your house.

S02E05 - Server Space (Jian Yang Quotes)

Erlich: Jian Yang! I need all of your guys out of there, and the foosball table.
Jian Yang: Those not my guys.
Erlich: They're always around... Who are they?
Jian Yang: Friends of friends.

S02E04 - The Lady (Jian Yang Quotes)

Jian Yang: Erlich, he started crying in Taco Bell. He tried to blame the taco sauce.

Erlich: This morning, you put your soda cans in the green one. Okay? That's not right. The green is for grass and leaves. Okay? The blue one is for recycling. Go ahead and put those in there. (Jian Yang puts the cans in the blue bin) Yeah. Very good. The black one is for all other trash. Do you understand?
Jian Yang: Yes. Which is for burning?
Erlich: No, we don't burn trash in this country. It's illegal. You never burn trash. Okay, can you say that? "I never burn trash."
Jian Yang: I never burn trash.
Erlich: Yes.
Jian Yang: What about garbage?
Erlich: Motherfucker.

S01E07 - Proof of Concept (Jian Yang Quotes)

Erlich: Friday, the pool cleaner comes. Do you understand?
Jian Yang: Yes.
Erlich: And tomorrow is trash day so make sure all the cans are out front.
Jian Yang: Yes.
Erlich: Now, you are under no circumstances to order any movie on demand, adult or otherwise.
Jian Yang: Yes.
Erlich: OK, has anything that I've just said confused you?
Jian Yang: Yes.
Erlich: Goddamn it!

S01E04 - Fiduciary Duties (Jian Yang Quotes)

Jian Yang: I eat the fish.
Erlich: I understand you eat the fish. But when you clean the fish you can't leave the fish head and guts and shit in the sink. Because the whole house smells like a bait station. So you gotta put it in the trash and then take the trash out. Do you understand?
Jian Yang: Yes. I eat the fish.
Erlich: Motherfuck!