Season 4 Synopsis

Change is in the air as the Pied Piper guys pursue their video-chat app, PiperChat, but Richard has a hard time letting go of his dream to put his algorithm to better use. Dinesh flirts with notoriety, while Gilfoyle looks on in amusement. Erlich searches for his next big break. Jared attempts to pivot with the company. And Big Head enters the world of academia. Meanwhile, over at Hooli, Gavin finds himself threatened by Jack Barker, while Monica struggles to bounce back at Raviga after her fallout with Laurie.

Silicon Valley - Season 4

Jared go... go on man... get out of here.
S04E01 Success Failure - 23-Apr-17
In the wake of Pied Piper's clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle to find funding for Pied Piper's video-chat app to keep up with their rapidly growing user base. Erlich faces resistance from Big Head's dad, while Gavin balks after Jack Barker steps on his toes at Hooli. Having a hard time adjusting to his company's pivot, Richard gets sage advice from an unexpected source, leading him to a big idea that could change his future.

Do you think I have too much product in my hair?
S04E02 Terms of Service - 30-Apr-17
Richard butts heads with Dinesh, whose new position goes to his head. Later, Richard discovers interesting data about PiperChat's users. Erlich makes a play to be involved in Jian-Yang's new app; Jared sets ground rules in his friendship with Richard; Gavin's paranoia over Jack's Barker's enthusiasm causes him to make a rash decision.

S04E03 Intellectual Property - 7-May-17
An overtired Richard pushes himself to the brink of sanity while trying to move ahead with his next big idea. Eyeing a comeback, Erlich pressures an uncooperative Jian-Yang. Monica sets a trap at Raviga to improve her standing with Laurie. Dinesh goes on a date; Big Head enters the world of academia; Gavin faces an unknown future.

S04E04 Teambuilding Exercise - 14-May-17
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S04E05 The Blood Boy - 21-May-17
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S04E06 Customer Service - 28-May-17
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S04E07 The Patent Troll - 4-Jun-2017
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S04E08 The Keenan Vortex - 11-Jun-2017
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S04E09 TBA - 18-Jun-2017
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S04E10 TBA - 25-Jun-2017
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