Silicon Valley Quote

Erlich: Jack Barker, aka Action Jack. We meet at last. Erlich Bachman.
Jack Barker: Mr. Bachman. Pleasure to finally meet you. I'm a big fan.
Erlich: Oh, really? Of what? Metamucil? Polio? The phonograph? A nice piece of fish? Segregated water fountains? Senior citizen discounts at Perkins Family restaurants? Erectile dysfunction because of corroded penile arteries? Deviled eggs as an entree? Liking Ike?
Jack Barker: No. None of those, Mr. Bachman. I am a fan of yours. Have been ever since you were at the helm of Aviato.
Erlich: You know Aviato?
Jack Barker: Yes. Aviato.
Erlich: My Aviato?
Jack Barker: Is there any other Aviato?
Erlich: Well, legally, there cannot be.

Quote from S03E01 - Founder Friendly

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