Silicon Valley - Season 3

S03E01 Founder Friendly - 24-Apr-16
After being fired as CEO, Richard faces the decision to accept the diminished role of CTO, or leave Pied Piper altogether. A faithful Jared arranges other job opportunities for Richard, including a position with "Flutterbeam", however Richard is further disappointed when he finds out he would be programming a "Mustache" app. When Erlich meets the new CEO, "Action" Jack Barker, Barker impresses Erlich. Meanwhile, Dinesh and Gilfoyle weigh their options, whether to be faithful to Richard or to go out on their own. At Hooli, Gavin Belson admits failure by firing the entire Nucleus Division, and then arranges to give BigHead a $20 million payout to ensure his confidentiality about Hooli business matters.
Jack, excuse me. Do you mind telling me... Holy shit. What is that? Oh, mother of God!
S03E02 Two in the Box - 1-May-16
Dinesh and Gilfoyle are impressed by the amenities of the new Pied Piper offices, but Richard immediately has concerns about the direction of the company. Jared finds out the person to which he rented his condo is now squatting in the unit. Meanwhile, Erlich tries to evict Jian, but he decides to remain as a squatter, taking a cue from Jared's situation. In a sudden epiphany, the recently fired Nucleus engineers manage to finally crack the secret of middle out compression.
It is a question mark made of human hair harvested apparently from dead people in India. It
S03E03 Meinertzhagen's Haversack - 8-May-16
After visiting the server farm where the new Pied Piper storage appliances would be housed, Richard confronts Jack about the company's direction. After Jack shoots him down, Richard visits Raviga and makes the same complaint to Laurie Bream, who actually agrees with Richard. Later, after Jack Barker throws a tantrum, Laurie allows him to continue managing Pied Piper on the path he wants. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle opens himself up to recruiters and receives plenty of free gifts and swag. However, he is also recruited by the End Frame guys who have apparently teamed up with the ex-Hooli engineers who cracked middle-out compression. Gilfoyle returns from the interview with the bad news, which causes Richard to decide they need to create a skunk-works where they can continue their development of the Pied Piper platform. Also, Dinesh starts wearing a gold chain, to which the guys (even Jared) start to bust his chops.
S03E04 Maleant Data Systems Solutions - 15-May-16
When forced to complete the "box" the guys try to "phone it in". However, they wind up making the final product way better than anyone imagined. Meanwhile, Erlich discovers his competition is Bighead, who has invested his 20 million Hooli payout by purchasing a very large house and turning it into a hacker hostel. Erlich quickly jumps on the bandwagon and forms a partnership with Bighead. At Hooli, Gavin Belson buys "Endframe" and decides to put the Nucleus project back on the rails. In doing so, he has re-hired many of the engineers he had just fired... however he is oblivious to this fact. Finally, at a board meeting where Pied Piper's direction is being decided, Monica decides to take a stand, which turns out to be the correct decision. As a result, Jack Barker is fired.
Say what you will about the chair but at least it never drove me to build a box.
S03E05 The Empty Chair - 22-May-16
Richard is upset that Laurie seems to be ignoring him and interviewing a seemingly endless line of potential CEOs for Pied Piper, including Big Head. Also, when Jared discovers that Jack Barker has nearly bankrupted the company, Richard, acting as CTO, makes the decision to fire the sales team and move back to the "Hacker Hostel". Later, when Richard sits down for an interview with tech blogger C.J. Cantwell he mistakenly complains about Laurie's leadership; however, at the same time of the interview, Laurie reveals to Monica that she actually plans to make Richard the CEO of Pied Piper. Meanwhile, Jared, Dinesh and Gilfoyle sell-off the assets in the office, including Dinesh's hard drive filled with personal information and Pied Piper confidential data, but they keep Jack Barker's chair and present it to Richard when he is finally named as CEO. Also, Erlich's planned merger with Big Head, which he named "Bachmanity", goes forward exactly how Erlich has planned.
In T-minus five minutes, Big Head and I are going to take that stage and I am going to ejaculate my success all over the faces and hair of my fiercest rivals. Like some sort of vengeful viscous web of payback.
S03E06 Bachmanity Insanity - 29-May-16
Richard's obsession over using tabs instead of spaces to indent code causes ripples at Pied Piper. However, when he begins a romantic relationship with Winnie, a coder from Facebook, he can't get past the fact she uses spaces instead of tabs. Seeing that Richard is dating, Jared suddenly decides to have sex and has no problem landing a beautiful women for a sexual encounter. Meanwhile, Dinesh courts Elisabet, a female coder he only sees via a web stream. Things are going great until he develops a much clearer stream and she sees a higher definition version of his face, then she dumps him. Erlich and Big Head prepare for Bachmanity's big opening extravaganza, however at the last minute Big Head's accountant breaks the bad news to them... they burned through all their money. At Hooli, Gavin Belson deals with the fallout from the "scrub scandal" and wonders who the "insider" might be.
Shuttering a company in the tech world is almost a right of passage, like Herpes Simplex 1.
S03E07 To Build a Better Beta - 5-Jun-16
After the "Hawaiian" launch party, Bachmanity is shuttered when they are unable to pay their creditors. With Bighead moving out of his mansion, with only two cannonballs to his name, a wise Jared discovers that their business manager was embezzling from them. When initial reviews of the Pied Piper application are positive, Richard agrees to begin beta testing. As the guys hand out beta test invites to their friends, Dinesh struggles to find ten friends in which to offer his invites. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson surreptitiously obtains an invite to the beta test, but when the guys find out, Gilfoyle remotely kills his laptop and his Hooli phone, and causes the entire Hooli headquarters to black out. As a result of Gavin's ranting, most of the Hooli engineers quit, leaving Gavin with a huge dilemma. Everybody except Monica considers the Pied Piper beta test to be a success, and despite Monica's misgivings, Richard decides to take Pied Piper live. Finally, when Dinesh and Bighead meet with the D.A. over their legal options to recover their money, the D.A. informs Erlich he will have to pay his creditors first. Afterward, Erlich met with Laurie Bream for a business transaction, and then the creditors were somehow paid.
Honest, is it me or is it a bit chilly in here. (giggles)
S03E08 Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride - 12-Jun-16
As Erlich and Richard are interviewed by Emily Chang on Bloomberg, the facts of Erlich's sale of his Pied Piper shares began to leak. Monica insisted Erlich tell Richard about the deal, however Erlich struggles to do this. Meanwhile, Jared shows off a new yellow and green Pied Piper jacket, but it is panned by the rest of the Pied Piper team. In an attempt to screw with Dinesh, Gilfoyle wore the jacket to Philz coffee, however he was surprised to see excited people flock to him and take selfies. At Hooli, due to the failure of Nucleus, Gavin is transitioned into a more appropriate role in the company... which means he is now banished to the roof. He decided to take a trip to Jackson Hole, and accidentally bumped into Jack Barker on the way. When Richard discovered Erlich sold his shares to Laurie Bream he was incensed, however when he later found out Laurie forced Erlich to sell all his shares at a reduced price Richard took pity on Erlich and made him the head of publicity. At the end of the episode, the guys celebrated the inclusion Pied Piper in the Hooli app store.
Looks like you want to compress a movie file, can I help? You know with Pied Piper
S03E09 Daily Active Users - 19-Jun-16
As Pied Piper celebrates the milestone of 500,0000 downloads, Richard reveals to Monica that their "Daily Active Users" metric is much lower. After Monica convinces Richard to hire a firm to perform focus group testing, the Pied Piper team realizes they must spend more time evangelizing the Pied Piper app to regular users. Meanwhile at Hooli, Gavin discovers Pied Piper's deficiency, and then uses this information to propose that Hooli partners with Jack Barker and adopt the business model of selling "boxes" to Maleant Data Systems. The boxes, which use the Endframe compression software, are a huge success, causing the Hooli board to reinstate Gavin as CEO. Back at Pied Piper, Richard comes to the ultimate conclusion that their marketing efforts have been ineffective. However, right when they feel beaten, the Pied Piper team realizes there has been a miraculous uptrend of daily active users. In the final scene it is revealed that Jared has been surreptitiously buying paid users from a "click farm" in Bangladesh.
S03E10 The Uptick - 26-Jun-16
Gavin's ruse of using an elephant as a metaphor backfires when the elephant dies on the Hooli campus. Hoover's plan to have a military sky crane drop the elephant carcass into the ocean backfires after Gavin fires Patrice, and she whistleblows the sordid details to C.J. Cantwell at Code/Rag. To silence the story, Gavin buys the Code/Rag blog for $2 million, making 50% owners Erlich and Big Head solvent again. Meanwhile, everybody at Pied Piper knows about the paid users from the Bangladeshi click-farm, except Erlich, and he brilliantly uses the "uptick" to generate a bidding war amongst venture capitalists. Just as he and Richard are heading to Coleman-Blair to sign a contract for a new $6 million round of investment, Richard begins to get cold feet regarding the "fraud" of the fake users. Just before signing the contract, Richard divulges the truth, the deal falls through, and Erlich is incensed that Richard did not inform him about the nature of the fake uptick. When Laurie Bream hears about the fake uptick, she decides to abandon Pied Piper and arranges to sell the company to Gavin Belson for $1 million. Meanwhile, Dinesh's video chat application, being superior to other video chat applications, gains significant users, making the guys begin to realize that video chat may be the future of their company. Finally, when Richard and Jared meet with the board to ratify the sale of Pied Piper to Hooli, they are elated to discover that Bachmanity has outbid Gavin Belson by one dollar, making Erlich and Big Head the new owners of Pied Piper.