Silicon Valley - Season 2

...ran right into the hippo?
S02E01 Sand Hill Shuffle - 12-Apr-15
When the Pied Piper team learned of Peter Gregory's death, it lead to uncertainty as to whether Raviga would invest in their series A funding. Erlich and Richard set out to pitch their company to a number of venture capitalist firms who were interested in funding them. They were elated to find they were even more successful with each meeting, as Erlich discovered that being rude lead to higher offers. At the end of the day, Raviga's new managing partner Laurie Bream offered them the best offer, which Richard tentatively decided to accept. However, after speaking to Monica and then Javeed, who was once a Silicon Valley success story, but now he is broke and alone, Richard decided to accept Raviga funding, but only a lower and more realistic amount. At the end of the episode it was revealed that Gavin Belson (Hooli) was suing Pied Piper, which put the entire plan in jeopardy.
I want to thank you for allowing me to come in here today, and to be vulnerable and apologize.
S02E02 Runaway Devaluation - 19-Apr-15
Once Raviga's managing partner, Laurie Bream, learned of Hooli's lawsuit, she decided to drop Pied Piper from the Raviga portfolio. Erlich and Richard then set out to meet with the other venture capital firms that had made offers, however they are dismayed to find that due to the Hooli lawsuit, and combined with their behavior at the previous meetings, nobody is interested in funding Pied Piper. However, Jared discovers a company that is willing to meet with them. After a positive welcome at the meeting it became apparent that they were only interested in "brain-raping" the Pied Piper team and stealing their compression algorithm. Meanwhile, Dinesh pledged $5000 to his cousin's "Bro" app Kickstarter campaign, but soon had second thoughts and tried to get out of the pledge. Finally, Gavin Belson setup a meeting with Richard, where he made an offer to drop the lawsuit if Richard sold Pied Piper to Hooli.
I watched your whole Tech Crunch thing online, twice. That whole spaz thing you did... that was fucking priceless!
S02E03 Bad Money - 26-Apr-15
Despite everyone's disapproval, Richard decides to let Hooli acquire Pied Piper. However, on the way to meeting Russ Hanneman, a flashy and eccentric billionaire who made his money by putting radio on the internet, sidetracks Richard and makes a funding offer. Richard accepts the offer, especially to the surprise of Laurie Bream, and Gavin Belson, who quickly has his lawyers begin work on a fool-proof plan to win the Pied Piper lawsuit. Now funded, the Pied Piper team begins work on calculating a budget for the next 18 months, however they quickly discover that Hanneman's personality leaves a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, during an interview, Gavin Belson compares the treatment of billionaires to the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust, and he has to manage the backlash.
It says here on your resume that from 2010 to 2011 you "crushed it"?
S02E04 The Lady - 3-May-15
Pied Piper begins interviewing new people to hire. The two most notable candidates are Jared Patakian, an eccentric man who labels himself as a cyborg, and Carla Walton, a friend of Dinesh and Gilfoyle. With the introduction of Jared Patakian, Jared Dunn is renamed "Other Jared", which is often shortened to "OJ". Other Jared hires Carla, awkwardly tries to explain that it's better to hire her because she's a woman, and tries to enforce company human resources policies. Erlich discourages Richard from hiring Jared Patakian because he chose a different job just as Erlich was about to hire him at Aviato, and Carla tortures Gilfoyle and Dinesh by making them think she makes way more money than them. Additionally, Pied Piper has a meeting of the Board of Directors at Hanneman's house. Hanneman gives his girlfriend a seat on the board, and Erlich turns against Richard to vote to order $30,000 worth of merchandise. Later, Richard decides to hire Jared despite Erlich's disapproval, but quickly finds out that Patakian has done the exact same thing to him as Patakian did to Erlich. Simultaneously, Belson promotes Big Head to be Co-head Dreamer on the Hooli XYZ project with the intention of making him seem like the primary force behind Pied Piper, and thus evidence for his lawsuit. Big Head is given a massive office and an assistant, but suspiciously no responsibilities, while Davis Bannercheck, a pioneer of robotics, is named the other Co-head Dreamer and leads operations at the lab.
Without surgery we have given Kiko the gift of a usable prosthetic appendage.
S02E05 Server Space - 10-May-15
After suffering from stress-related night sweats, Richard's doctor tells him it could lead to bedwetting. The Pied Piper team finds office space and begins to pack for the move, however Jared suddenly discovers their web hosting contracts have been cancelled. Fearing that Gavin Belson is using his influence to shut them out of web hosting, the team decides to cancel their office space and use the funds to purchase servers and host their web out of their garage. Later, after Dinesh causes a power spike and a neighborhood-wide power failure, Erlich and Richard have to threaten Noah, a nosy neighbor to stop him from reporting their unlawful business to the city inspector. Meanwhile at Hooli, Davis Bannercheck, the other co-head dreamer opposite Big Head at Hooli XYZ, airs his concerns over Big Head's incompetence. He is ignored by Gavin Belson, and decides to quit the project. Then, Gavin quickly promotes Big Head to sole head-dreamer of Hooli XYZ, extending Big Head's meteoric and senseless rise to the top. Also, Jared begins to speak German in his sleep.
Ahhhh, she likes me right?
S02E06 Homicide - 17-May-15
Hooli's debut of Nucleus, by using it to stream an UFC fight, fails spectacularly. The Pied Piper team senses an opportunity and immediately partner's with "Homicide" energy drink, which is owned by a former college friend of Erlich. While setting up for the event, where a stunt car will be launched from one skyscraper to another, Richard learns that the Homicide owner "Double-A" is not a fan of Erlich. After Richard agrees to do the deal without Erlich present, he cancels the agreement after learning Double-A's business intentions are not honourable. Meanwhile, Dinesh and Gilfoyle notice that Blaine, the stunt driver, has miscalculated the stunt and will likely be killed. After Blaine arrogantly refuses to listen to them, they perform a SWOT analysis based on Blaine's death. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson, concerned about the Nucleus failure, worries that he has surrounded himself with sycophants. At the end of the episode the Homicide stunt is broadcast by rival company "EndFrame", a company whose members had tricked Pied Piper into revealing their algorithm in S02E02. Meanwhile, Pied Piper has to settle for a live-stream of a condor egg, which may or may not hatch.
A fucking car whose doors open like this... not like this... not like this.
S02E07 Adult Content - 24-May-15
After the Pied Piper guys accuse Endframe of stealing their compression algorithm, EndFrame responds by bragging they will beat Pied Piper because they have a finished platform, a sales team and paying customers. After their visit with EndFrame, Gilfoyle reveals that he has stolen the details at a service contract between EndFrame and porn company Intersite. Richard meets with the CEO of Intersite and convinces her to consider Pied Piper for the contract. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson is called before the Hooli board to explain the failure of Nucleus, and he promises them something ground-breaking. Later, he begs Big Head and his Hooli XYZ team to come up with something new and radical. However, Gavin soon learns they are incapable of fulfilling his request. Russ Hanneman is despondent, as his accountant has told him he is no longer a billionaire. Richard discovers that Russ has attempted to setup a merger between Pied Piper and Endframe, in a quick coup to regain his billionaire status.
According to security, he entered the building at 9:13. He met with the Nucleus team for 11 minutes, then he used his key card to exit the building. Three minutes later, he was clocked at 73 in a 25 zone going past our daycare center.
S02E08 White Hat/Black Hat - 31-May-15
When Russ Hanneman learns Richard has arranged a trial with Intersite he arrives at the house with a bottle of his brand-name tequila, "Tres Commas". Meanwhile, after a Hooli board meeting, Gavin Belson seeks out a scapegoat on which to transfer the blame for the Nucleus failure. He convinces Davis Bannercheck to return to Hooli to head up the Nucleus project. However, after Bannercheck interviews the Nucleus team to assess the state of the project, he immediately speeds away from Hooli in his car. Back at Pied Piper, Richard feels responsible, after he learns that Seth Lee, EndFrame's security engineer, was fired. After meeting with Seth, Richard becomes paranoid Seth is going to hack the Pied Piper system. Later, as Pied Piper is transferring data from Intersite, Russ Hanneman arrives to celebrate. Soon, Intersite's content begins to be indiscriminately deleted, making the Pied Piper team fearful that Seth has hacked their system. However, it turns out that Russ placed his tequila bottle on the delete key of a laptop that was connected to the Intersite server.
Was I in possession of cocaine, amphetamines, amyl nitrate, also known as poppers, at the time of my arrest? In large quantities.
S02E09 Binding Arbitration - 7-Jun-15
After Big Head finds a prototype Nucleus phone left behind at a bar by Hooli engineers, he gives the phone to Richard to use as leverage against Gavin Belson. After a round of awkward lawyer aided negotiation Gavin's lawyers agree to drop the lawsuit and settle for binding arbitration. Pete Monahan, a disbarred lawyer, agrees to represent Richard on spec because he is no longer allowed to practice law in a real court due to suspected sex crimes. Monahan interviews Richard and reveals that Richard had indeed used a Hooli computer to run a short test of Pied Piper while his personal laptop was being repaired, meaning that Hooli would own the rights to Pied Piper. Their only hope is that the Hooli lawyers do not discover this fact, and initially they do not, as they seem to be centering their case on establishing Big Head as a capable engineer who had a hand in Pied Piper. However, when Erlich is put on the witness stand he inadvertently reveals that Richard's laptop was in the shop being fixed, giving the necessary clue to the opposition. Richard, who is unwilling to lie under oath, finally admits that he used a Hooli computer. Meanwhile, due to low viewership, a technician is sent to take down the condor egg camera. However, he falls and becomes trapped in a ravine, and it is all live-streamed on Pied Piper's system.
S02E10 Two Days of the Condor - 14-Jun-15
Expecting to lose Pied Piper to Gavin Belson, Richard ponders whether they should delete all the Pied Piper software. Meanwhile, the video feed of the injured technician goes viral, forcing Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared to scramble to keep their servers online. Erlich receives an offer to buy his house, and considers it, before he decides to help out the guys helping to adjust the code instead. At the arbitration hearing, the judge is about to rule in favor of Hooli, however at the last minute he shifts gears by deciding Richard's employment contract was null and void, therefore he technically wasn't an employee of Hooli when he used the computer. Unfortunately, Richard had already sent a text to the Pied Piper team telling them to delete the software, and when he tried to send another text to cancel his directive his phone is out of power. Richard rushes home to stop the guys from deleting Pied Piper. Luckily, he makes it in time, only because they wasted time drinking beer and Dinesh's "delete" software failed when it was executed. The guys are elated that Pied Piper is saved, however Richard soon finds out that Raviga has bought Russ Hanneman's share of the company, and with a majority on the board has removed Richard from CEO from his own company.