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Peter Gregory Quotes - Silicon Valley

Peter Gregory quotes from the hit HBO show "Silicon Valley"

S01E05 - Signaling Risk (Peter Gregory Quotes)

Waiter: Are you enjoying your asparagus, sir?
Peter Gregory: I was never enjoying it. I only eat it for the nutrients.

Gavin Belson: How are you?
Peter Gregory: Well. And you?
Gavin Belson: Not bad.

S01E04 - Fiduciary Duties (Peter Gregory Quotes)

Flo Rida: Y'all put your hands together for my brother! The illest, the chillest, emperor of Rome, big Pete Gregory!
(Peter Gregory enters on a chair held up by mock slaves)
Gilfoyle: He is the illest and the chillest?
Flo Rida: Big Pete Gregory!
Peter Gregory: Thank you, Florida. Welcome to the Peter Gregory foundation's fourth annual orgy of caring. The first three were fine. I hope that you enjoy the party. There is a second bar in back where the line is much shorter. Thank you. I'm finished now. (hands the mic off)

S01E03 - Articles of Incorporation (Peter Gregory Quotes)

Astraphile Manager: As we discussed, our North Carolina plant went sideways. So we need 15 million now or we'll have to shut down.
Peter Gregory: Have any of you ever eaten at "Burger King"?

Peter: Is there cumin in this barbecue sauce?
Evan: I will definitely find out.

S01E01 - Minimum Viable Product (Peter Gregory Quotes)

Peter Gregory: (Speaking at a TED talk) Gates, Ellison, Jobs, Dell. All dropped out of college. Silicon Valley is the cradle of innovation because of drop outs. College has become a cruel expensive joke on the poor and the middle class that benefits only the perpetrators of it. The bloated administrators.