Silicon Valley Quote

Laurie: It was one of my finer moments. Erlich came to me with an outside offer to sell half of his Pied Piper shares.
Richard: To Russ Hanneman for five million dollars. Yes, I know. But somehow you ended up with all of his shares. How?
Laurie: Oh, well, as you know, the same onerous terms you accepted when you took Russ Hanneman's money, they transferred to me when I bought him out. These included the right to block any transfer of stocks with a majority vote of the board. A board which I control.
Richard: I don't understand.
Laurie: Of course you do. If I have approval of any buyer, and I am the only buyer I approve, then I can set my own price. So I asked Mr. Bachman for a thorough accounting of his debts, uh, which ran to approximately $713,000.
Richard: And how much did you give him?
Laurie: $713,000.

Quote from S03E08 - Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride

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