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Dinesh: Oh, it's unreal.
Richard: Yeah.
Dinesh: Almost like some of our users.
Richard: What? What what does that mean?
Dinesh: Oh, "unreal" has so many meanings. "Fake," "paid for," "one person in Bangladesh pretending to be 6,000."
Richard: Okay. Um All right, Dinesh, um...
Dinesh: Oh, no. I don't want to know a fucking thing.
Richard: Okay then. Great. I won't tell you anything because nothing happened.
Dinesh: Great.
Richard: Okay.
Gilfoyle: But if something did happen, and we're not saying it did, the fact remains that leaves us in a very advantageous position. There's a lot of money on the table. And it would be a shame if that went away.
Dinesh: You know what else would be a shame is if I couldn't find my flash drive. Gilfoyle, have you seen my flash drive?
Gilfoyle: Right, the one with the zombie script on it?
Dinesh: Why yes, the zombie script that randomizes user action in platforms such as Pied Piper.
Gilfoyle: You mean so that fake users and click farms would be absolutely indistinguishable from real users?
Dinesh: Oh, I suppose. I mean, especially during due diligence, like the kind done by VCs or possible future reviews done by certain regulatory bodies. It also had photos of my auntie. Anyway, Gilfoyle, have you seen it?
Dinesh: I have not. Mm, well, Richard, keep an eye out for it, will ya? (places a flash drive on the ground) Hey, Gilfoyle, you wanna come inside and help me get a new flash drive on
Gilfoyle: Yeah, I think we're sort of done with the ruse.
Dinesh: Okay, fine. Well, whatever you did or didn't do, that was serial-killer-level shit.
Gilfoyle: Agreed. I think I finally respect you as a CEO.

Quote from S03E10 - The Uptick

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