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Flight Attendant: All right, gentlemen our flight today from Shanghai to Moffett Field in Mountain View will be just over 11 hours, so if you'll just...
Jack: Oh, actually, I was headed up to Jackson Hole to see the wife and kids. I was gonna charter up tomorrow, but maybe you could ask the boys just to drop me off on the way? Save me the trouble?
Flight Attendant: Of course.
Gavin: Well, and I mean, it's really not a big deal, but since we are headed east, I think Jackson is further. Maybe we'll head to Moffett first, then have the guys hop you onto Jackson, okay?
Jack: Well, actually, on flights like this, the boys like to go over the Pole, so that, technically, is a little more north to south, and Jackson is quite a bit further north. So I think, maybe, just go to Jackson first, then head on off to Moffett. That sound good?
Flight Attendant: Of course.
Jack: Great. I'm gonna get a pillow.

Quote from S04E01 - Success Failure

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