Silicon Valley Quote

Dinesh: So... do you like movies?
Mia: Depends on the movie.
Dinesh: I'm the exact same way. It being a movie doesn't mean I'm gonna like it.
Waiter: Would you care for some wine or a cocktail tonight?
Mia: Uh, just water, please.
Dinesh: Just water, please. (pause) I love water. I do. Oceans, rivers... lakes. (pause) When does a pond become a lake? I wonder if it's depth.(pause) Where are those waters? Felt like we ordered waters a while ago. And... (phone buzzes) What? Fucking prick.
Mia: What?
Dinesh: Oh, nothing. It was just a text from Gilfoyle.
Mia: Gilfoyle isn't a prick.
Dinesh: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Mia: He's a motherfucking prick.
Dinesh: What?
Mia: That guy sucks. Everyone hates him on the message boards. You know, putting a face to the name made so much sense.
Dinesh: Right, 'cause his face sucks, too.
Mia: Totally!
Dinesh: Yeah.
Mia: I have to find this one post of his. It was insane.
Dinesh: You know, he has no friends. He pretends like he's all dry and witty, but he's just a monotone piece of shit.
Mia: And being a Satanist just means you're ugly, and you're leaning into it.

Quote from S04E03 - Intellectual Property

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