Silicon Valley Quote

Richard: It was such a bad thing to have done.
Liz: The worst sex I think I've ever had... by far.
Richard: Oh, s... it... so it was bad for you... too?
Liz: Yeah, I mean, it was just all elbows. I mean, how many times did our teeth clink?
Richard: Uh, too many. Mm-mm. Too many. Too many.
Liz: You know? And you move your head a lot.
Richard: Well... passion...
Liz: None. Right? I know. Like right out of the gate. When I took my top off, and you actually said the word "gulp"?
Richard: I said it?
Liz: Yes. Yeah.
Richard: Out loud? Okay. Mm-hmm. Well, mistake on my part.

Quote from S04E06 - Customer Service

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