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(At Jared's condo)
Richard: Can I come in?
Jared: Umm... I have company.
(Richard hears girls laughter inside)
Richard: Is there a girl in there? (he hears more laughter) How many girls are in there?
Jared: Richard, what do you want from me?
Richard: Nothing, it's just... you were right about all of it. I killed Anton, and, uh, I lost all of Melcher's data, everybody fucking hates me, and I'm basically one blood boy away from being Gavin Belson. I did not... run the company with integrity... but... I'm gonna end it with some. I'm going to Melcher's office, and I'm coming clean. Anyway... I'm really fucking sorry, man. Well, I'll leave you alone now. Hey. "This guy fucks."

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