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Richard: It's up. All of Melcher's data is there.
Jared: How is that possible?
Dinesh: What are those devices? Those aren't phones.
(Gilfoyle laughs)
Dinesh: Why the fuck are you laughing? You look fucking insane right now.
Gilfoyle: Look at that OUI prefixes in these MAC addresses.
Richard: Yeah, okay, so what are those?
Gilfoyle: Smart fridges. About 30,000 of them.
Jared: Come again?
Gilfoyle: Jian-Yang's smart fridge must have been self-correcting. In order to fit my "Suck it, Jian-Yang" video onto his fridge, I had to add Pied Piper libraries to the firmware. Other smart fridges must've seen this as an update.
Jared: What?
Dinesh: The smart fridges talk to each other, and they share the new software.
Gilfoyle: Right, so when we put that data onto Anton, the last thing he did before he died was back himself up onto a huge network of smart fridges. Anton died so we could live.
Jared: Like Jesus.
Gilfoyle: Oh fuck.

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