Silicon Valley Quote

Doctor: Hey, buddy boy. Oh, there he is.
Richard: (waking up) What's... what's going on?
Doctor: Don't flip out, okay? But you have been in a coma for four years.
Richard: What?
Doctor: That's correct. In fact, I'm a robot. The real Dr. Crawford died heroically in the water wars of 2020.
Richard: (confused)
Doctor: Jokes, Richard! I'm just joking around. What, did you sell your sense of humor? You've just been out for about six hours. You were not even unconscious, really just asleep. But you did lose a whole lot of blood. I just hope they put the right kind back in.
Richard: Wait, are you still riffing?
Doctor: I don't know.

Quote from S05E02 - Reorientation

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