Silicon Valley Quote

Monica: All right. I have a dinner meeting and I kind of feel like a fifth wheel, so I'm gonna pick up the check, leave you to celebrate. Congrats again, guys.
(Monica leaves)
Gilfoyle: Well, the only person we don't spend 20 hours a day with just left. So. What's new with you guys?
Jared: Well, I'm thinking of buying some new bookkeeping software.
Gilfoyle: All right. I think the only actual way to celebrate is to spend one waking minute apart, so. I'm gonna go.
Dinesh: Are you going home? Let's-- let's share an Uber.
Jared: Oh, well, if you're going that direction, I'm-- I'm driving, so I could drop you.
Dinesh: Hey, Gilfoyle. Wanna play Fortnite?
Richard: Oh, hold on, I didn't know we were playing Fortnite. Yeah, I'll come along.

Quote from S05E07 - Initial Coin Offering

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