Silicon Valley Quote

Gavin: Ah, Hoover. How's the factory coming? We almost online?
Hoover: Not exactly, sir. It's gone.
Gavin: What do you mean? Did that dipshit mayor renege on our deal?
Hoover: No, he made every effort, including having the factory repainted.
Gavin: Okay. So what's the problem?
Hoover: Well, apparently, the painters left some oily rags in a garbage can. But because of cuts to the sanitation service, the trash was not collected and the rags smoldered and caught fire. And because of cuts to the fire department, the blaze spread. A number of concerned citizens volunteered to help fight the fire, but because the water was cut off, they could not.
Gavin: Okay, so what happened?
Hoover: Well, the vast majority of our expensive, rare earth materials survived the fire.
Gavin: Well, that's something.
Hoover: Until the flames abated, when because of mass layoffs of police, the locals that were there to fight the fire decided instead to loot the burned-out factory. The National Guard attempted to reach the factory to help stop this, but...
Gavin: The roads.
Hoover: The roads, sir, yes.
Gavin: Okay. So, we lost it all? Everything?
Hoover: Yes. Also, the IRS called. Somehow, they found out about Bermuda.

Quote from S05E07 - Initial Coin Offering

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