Silicon Valley Quote

Monica: He was in the Serengeti on safari and he had just gone into his tent when a hippo wandered into the camp.
Richard: Oh, wow.
Erlich: He was attacked by a hippo?
Monica: No, I guess the hippo started to charge when the guide grabbed his rifle and shot at it, but his aim was off, and...
Richard: And he shot Peter Gregory by accident?
Monica: No, he he missed, but I guess the sound of the gun startled Peter, who ran out of his tent and...
Richard: Ran right into the hippo?
Monica: No, the hippo was also startled by the noise and had run off prior to Peter exiting his tent.
Erlich: So, what happened to Peter?
Monica: He hadn't run in a long time, maybe ever, and you know, he just... that was it.

Quote from S02E01 - Sand Hill Shuffle

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