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Richard: Regrets? Uh... No. No, I'm-I'm happy.
Documentarian: And you don't, you don't feel bad that you never got to... make the world a better place?
Richard: Uh... I think we did okay. I... actually could, um... I... I still have it. One copy of the... Pied Piper codebase. I have it on a thumb drive. I could show it to you. We won't... look into it, but, um... (Opens drawer) I just wanna show it to you. (Rummaging) It's just got a couple things on there that I think... I, honestly, this was like when we were coding the best we ever were, so some pieces of this thing are... sheer elegance. (Opens drawer) I wish I could show it to everybody because I wanna show it to my students. Not my class, but another... I know it was in the desk. (Rummaging) Okay, this is weird. (Banging) sh1t, okay. Where is it? (Rattling) It's or... it's orange. It's this big. It's just a thumb drive. So, is anyone... have any of your crew seen it or anything? I mean... right here. That's insa... (Rummaging) I had the... It's gotta be in the desk.
Documentarian: Is it a problem?
Richard: Um, no, not a problem. Um... It's just pretty fascinating. Although... if it isn't here... where is it?

Quote from S06E07 - Exit Event

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