S06E07 - Exit Event

No: 53  |  Season: 6   Episode: 7  |  Air Date: 8-Dec-19  |  Ratings:


Richard and the Pied Piper team look to pull off a spectacular feat on the day of a big launch. Series Finale.

Director and Writers

Director: Alec Berg
Written by: Alec Berg


Documentarian: Nice place?
Richard: No.
Dinesh: It was like a sh1t hole, but there was so much sh1t in it, it was filled all the way up. So, it was, like, level with the ground.
Jared: If that's true, there was a little meniscus in the sh1t, and that's where... our dreams lived.
Monica: Not the kind of house you wanna take your shoes off in. Yeah, just f*ckin' smelled really bad.
Gilfoyle: It was all right.

Jared: Oh, I was the sloppy girl in the discotheque, just twirling and twirling like the night would never end.

Big Head: Jian-Yang won the house from me in a game of chance. He told me to pick a number between one and 10. I picked seven, um, but it was three. Eh, you live, you learn.

Jared: I have a surprise for everybody, and, um, (laughing) suffice it to say, I think that everyone here is gonna want a slice of this moist and scrumptious cake. We're gonna take a bite in three, two...
Gabe: Richard's in the cake!

Russ: Is that beer? No, you're not drinking that piss. We drink my piss! Tres Comas!

Russ: I just bought all the Pied Piper shares that some dentist in Phoenix had.
Big Head: Oh, no way. My dad's a dentist in Phoenix.
Russ: Well, hopefully he's not an asshole like this guy.
Big Head: Yeah, that would suck.

Jian-Yang: Richard, congratulations. It's your very close friend Jian-Yang, and I would like you to give me free shares of Pied Piper.
Richard: Okay, Jian-Yang. Uh... Well, you had plenty of opportunity to invest. Still do.
Monica: Yeah, you can buy Pipercoin.
Jian-Yang: Monica, two men are talking business. You can find your broom and fly away.

Monica: I just checked the ledger, and the coin we issued to Erlich was just sold for $20 million. (leaves)
Jian-Yang: Richard, is the mean lady right? Errich is now fat and rich?

Gilfoyle: Jared, bolt the doors.
Dinesh: What's in the bag?
Gilfoyle: Clif bars and a gun.

Gavin: Since leaving Hooli, I've co-authored 37 adult romance novels. Fondly, Margeaux. The Lighthouse Dancer. Cold Ice Cream and Hot Kisses. Over here, The Prince of Puget Sound. Uh, and lastly, His Hazel Glance. All international best sellers.

Rod Morgenstern: You said that this would be an hour.
Gavin: Well, we're just running a little over.
Rod: Yeah, with the lights, and the machines, and the sound equipment, how is this ever gonna be an hour?
Gavin: You're acting hysterical, all right? We'll have plenty of time to write this...
Rod: Yeah, you know what? You know what? Do your... your little interview. I'll just write the book myself, okay?
Gavin: Well, if you could you would, but you can't. You're stuck with me, and I'm stuck with you.
Rod: Whoa, whoa, whoa... That's what Florian says to Claudette outside the cheese cave!
Gavin: Oh my God! That's our third act!
Rod: Third act!
Gavin: Yes! Okay, go, put the kettle on.

Jared: Okay, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Someone tell me how to feel.
Gilfoyle: Abject terror for you. Build from there.

Gilfoyle: Once launched, our AI will keep learning to break more and more sophisticated parameters. Ultimately, this will mean the end of privacy. Electrical grids, financial institutions, the nuclear launch codes for every single nuclear weapon. All will be exposed. Pure violence will become the only basis of power.
Dinesh: Spare us the apocalyptic desert planet sci-fi bullshit, Frank Herbert.
Jared: (to Monica) Uh, Frank Herbert was a writer who wrote a series of...
Monica: I know who f*cking Frank Herbert is.

Richard: What encryption does Tesla use?
Dinesh: Curve 25519, the most secure... discrete log parameter there is.
Richard: Not anymore. Our network just blew it apart like a prolapsed anus.

Gilfoyle: Your entire life has prepared you to publicly fail. You're just failing to see that right now.
Dinesh: Don't insult me. I can fail circles around you losers.

Dinesh: I'm gonna be honest with you. No offense to me, but I am greedy and unreliable, bordering on piece of sh1t. If there is a chance to stop you guys from stopping you guys, I will do it. I will sabotage your sabotage. So, if this company needs to fail epically, like f*cking fail... you need to do it without me. Revoke my permissions. Delete my PiperMail account. I will use Gmail like a f*cking basic bitch. Don't let me anywhere near that launch. I may beg, and I will lie to you. I cannot bribe you because I don't have any money. But I am too much of a liability.
Jared: That is the most courageous act of cowardice I've ever seen.

Gilfoyle: Dinesh's car is at the Wendy's drive-thru. Anybody hungry?

Girl: Oh my God. Holy sh1t! Dude, it's Dinesh!
Dinesh: Yeah, Dinesh. I'm Dinesh Chugtai. I'm the cofounder of Pied Piper, in an original ratjack.

Dinesh: These security guards? Are they your best guys? Like, will they stop me? Would they f*ck me up?
Receptionist: I'm sorry, we...
Dinesh: Thank you so much. That's exactly the response I was looking for. I feel very confident I will not be getting into the launch today. Thank you for not helping. Don't let me through.

Richard: Okay, so we're generating noise, but just not enough to interfere with anything?
Dinesh: Is this gonna work? Did we just make billions of dollars?!

Emily Chang: In a fairy tale turned nightmare come to life, thousands of rats streamed onto the streets of San Francisco today.
Reporter 1: Pied Piper's phones broadcasting intense ultrasonic sounds that began repelling the rats.
Reporter 2: The streets of Seattle became the streets of Sea-rat-tle, and everyone was sleepless.
Reporter 3: Giants fans going home happy today as the Cubs go down swinging to the... Holy sh1t!
Conan O'Brien: They're calling it "Rat-mageddon". Yeah. Except in New York, where they're calling it Wednesday.

Russ: I lost so much f*cking money with those guys. I got rat-fucked. That's a pun. I made it all back though. Sweet investment in the hair transplant sector. What?

Richard: Effective immediately, I am shutting down Pied Piper, deleting its code repositories, and liquidating its remaining assets. All right.
Ron: That's our statement. We will not be taking any further...
Richard: Can I just say that I am just... truly, deeply sorry. Uh, this should never have been built. It is... technically flawed to its very core. And we should all remember that... forevermore. Sorry.
Ron: Obviously, Mr. Hendricks doesn't mean that in any legally binding or actionable way. Get a life, guys.

Richard: I think I might disappear for a bit. Maybe travel.
Jared: Yeah, I might travel, too. Where were you thinking?
Richard: It may help if, at least for the time being, you pretend to be mad at me.
Jared: Look, Richard, I was a world theater minor at Vassar, but that is one Javanese shadow play that I cannot perform.

Richard: Who can say that they literally saved the world? Right?
Monica: Not us. Because we can't tell anyone what we did.
Richard: Right. Not out loud, but...

Big Head: My name is, uh, Nelson Bighetti, and I'm the President of Stamford. Stanford.
(Cut to speech at convocation)
Big Head: You graduates have a lot of responsibility. Finishing the important work of movements such as... "pound Met double zero", and "title icks".
(Cut to interview)
Documentarian: So, I think I know, but-but why do they call you Big Head?
Big Head: Oh, yeah, just, you know, boys being boys. Making fun of my, my big old dome.
Documentarian: It's not because your last name is Big-hetti?
(Big Head thinks...)

Jared: This fall, we actually had a herpes epidemic among the residents, which is bad medically, but... from another perspective, it's kind of touching.

Jared: Is that... is that a woman's scent?
Dinesh: No, it's unisex.

Girl: President Bighetti?
Big Head: Whoa! How did... how'd you know my name?
Girl: I go to Stanford.
Big Head: Oh, no way! I work at Stanford. I'm the president.
Girl: Yeah, I know. What are you doing here?
Big Head: Um, I don't know. I think 'cause Jian-Yang died? I'm not sure.

Documentarian: Are you Erlich Bachman?
Jian-Yang: Yes. I'm Errich Bachman. I can show you ID. That's my face. I was a-fat, but now, I'm a-not fat.
Documentarian: I'm sorry, this is supposed to be you?

Richard: Regrets? Uh... No. No, I'm-I'm happy.
Documentarian: And you don't, you don't feel bad that you never got to... make the world a better place?
Richard: Uh... I think we did okay. I... actually could, um... I... I still have it. One copy of the... Pied Piper codebase. I have it on a thumb drive. I could show it to you. We won't... look into it, but, um... (Opens drawer) I just wanna show it to you. (Rummaging) It's just got a couple things on there that I think... I, honestly, this was like when we were coding the best we ever were, so some pieces of this thing are... sheer elegance. (Opens drawer) I wish I could show it to everybody because I wanna show it to my students. Not my class, but another... I know it was in the desk. (Rummaging) Okay, this is weird. (Banging) sh1t, okay. Where is it? (Rattling) It's or... it's orange. It's this big. It's just a thumb drive. So, is anyone... have any of your crew seen it or anything? I mean... right here. That's insa... (Rummaging) I had the... It's gotta be in the desk.
Documentarian: Is it a problem?
Richard: Um, no, not a problem. Um... It's just pretty fascinating. Although... if it isn't here... where is it?


"(How to Be a) Millionaire" by ABC (Karaoke song sung by Dinesh at Pied Pier party.)

"Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men (Plays during the ATT/PiperNet promotional presentation. )

"Atomic Dog" by George Clinton (Plays during the ATT/PiperNet promotional presentation. )

"The Pied Piper" by Crispian St. Peters (Plays during the ATT/PiperNet promotional presentation when the app launches.)

Notes and Trivia

Series finale.

In the post-failure interview with Dinesh, you can see a framed copy of the selfie his fans took when he was recognized on the street.

HBO also released the "Ten Years Later: The Extended Pied Piper Documentary," separately. It contained many scenes which were seen in the final episode.

Unlike other episodes, the end credits roll over top of the final scene.

In the scene where the gang are visiting the hacker hostel, Jared refers to Big Head as "Big Head," but he corrects Jared by responding, "Nelson."

The "Documentarian" was played by Executive Producer Alec Berg.

TJ Miller did have a part in the final episode as his photo appeared on the ID Jian-Yang handed to the documentarian.






StarringThomas MiddleditchRichard Hendricks
StarringJosh BrenerNelson 'Big Head' Bighetti
StarringMartin StarrBertram Gilfoyle
StarringKumail NanjianiDinesh Chugtai
StarringAmanda CrewMonica Hall
StarringZach WoodsDonald 'Jared' Dunn
StarringMatt RossGavin Belson
StarringSuzanne CryerLaurie Bream
StarringJimmy O. YangJian Yang
StarringChris DiamantopoulosRuss Hanneman
Guest StarringAlec BergDocumentarian
Guest StarringEmily ChangSelf
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Guest StarringBen FeldmanRon LaFlamme
Guest StarringCraig FrankMichael Eisenberg
Guest StarringBill GatesSelf
Guest StarringAndre IguodalaSelf
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Guest StarringKara SwisherSelf
Co-StarringCinda AdamsPied Piper Employee #2
Co-StarringCarmen AngelicaScreaming Woman
Co-StarringChris AquilinoDanny
Co-StarringAristotle AthirasGabe
Co-StarringJaidyn-BleauGirl in Pied Piper Ad
Co-StarringJulianne BuescherDebbie
Co-StarringJames CalixteYoung Man in Queue
Co-StarringRick ChambersKCYD News Anchor
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Co-StarringSamantha CutaranPied Piper Employee
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Co-StarringJulia FinkelsteinStanford Student
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