Silicon Valley Quote

Dinesh: Hey, you see what I saw?
Gilfoyle: Yes, uh, he's got the velocity calculated wrong. It's for a flat plane. He doesn't account for the curve in the ramp.
Dinesh: Exactly. He's probably used to doing straight ramps. I mean, the chart says he's gonna launch at 81 miles per hour, - but it's going to be more like...
Gilfoyle: Under 70. The downforce is ridiculous. He's gonna lose speed and hit the side of that wall... and die.
Dinesh: So we should probably...
Gilfoyle: Okay. All right.
(They walk back to talk to Blaine)
Gilfoyle: Hey, uh, Blaine? - One small thing...
Blaine: No. I'm gonna stop you right there, Glasses. 'Cause I told you once already, and I was very clear. I am too fucking busy to deal with you. Okay? I'm just being cool here. (Walks away)
Dinesh: All right? - What do we do here?
Gilfoyle: This is a tough one.

Quote from S02E06 - Homicide

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