Silicon Valley Quote

(Bannercheck's first meeting with the Nucleus team)
Bannercheck: I'm sure the work that you have done so far has been very good. But now that I am here, the real work begins, and time is of the essence. I'm gonna need status reports from every department. Where are we?
Aly: We have a mobile beta on a HooliPhone.
Jason: You wanna see it?
Bannercheck: Mmm? Yeah.
(Cut to Gavin Belson at a "Habitat for Humanity" construction site)
Gavin: He quit? What do you mean he quit?
Scott: According to security, he entered the building at 9:13. He met with the Nucleus team for 11 minutes. Then he used his key card to exit the building.
Patrice: Three minutes later, he was clocked at 73 in a 25 zone going past our daycare center. He never returned, and he hasn't responded to our calls or e-mail.

Quote from S02E08 - White Hat/Black Hat

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