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Erlich: Monica... this is not a baby shower. This is a coup.
Monica: What are you talking about?
Erlich: Ed Chen didn't throw this party to impress Laurie. He threw it to oust her. Invite all these misogynistic A-holes who think that pregnancy is a weakness, convince them that she's shirking her responsibilities at Raviga. You said it yourself, there's more dick in here than a synthetic pussy convention.
Monica: I didn't say anything close to that.
Erlich: No?
Monica: No.
Erlich: Regardless, Ed Chen and Aarush are bro'ing down. I suggest you get in before you get cut out.
Monica: Tequila shots at a baby shower. You want me to join the frat house?
Erlich: Unfortunately, in this climate, Monica, you either bro down or you go down.

Quote from S04E05 - The Blood Boy

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