Silicon Valley Quote

Dinesh: You're not seriously thinking of going to Tibet?
Gilfoyle: You're broke. How the fuck are you gonna pay for that?
Erlich: That's where you come in, my great friends. I figured we might pass the hat? Just give whatever you are comfortable with.
Jian-Yang: I'll pay for it, whatever it costs.
Erlich: Well, it seems the smallest of us has the biggest heart. Thank you, young Jinathon. Business class?
Jian-Yang: Premium economy. You fly one way.
Dinesh: Don't you need a visa to go to China?
Jian-Yang: Yes. I can call my uncle in Beijing. He's very corrupt.
Erlich: That sounded... ominous, but, gents, it's as I was saying: Where there's a will, there's a way... just not for you guys.

Quote from S04E09 - Hooli-Con

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