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Jack: I was just talking to your foreman, Jung-Sho... and he seems to feel that you are all working at maximum capacity and that you cannot work any harder. But I have just flown from America, and I'm here to prove to you that he is wrong. You can work harder, much harder. How? With a little system I like to call the conjoined triangles of success!
(Cut to Bloomberg News)
Emily Chang: Breaking news. Hooli CEO Jack Barker has been taken hostage by workers at a Hooli factory in China, which produces cell phones.
Jack: (speaking through a barred window) I want everyone to know I haven't been harmed... and the workers here have assured me that I will only be held as their honored guest until Hooli has met their very reasonable request for fair wages and for humane conditions. On a more personal note, honey... I have to stop now.

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