Silicon Valley Quote

Jared: Nice place.
Bighead: Oh, thanks, yeah.
Jared: Oh, wow! That's a nice touch.
Bighead: Yeah, thanks! The Monterey Bay Aquarium was testing their sonar, and found this thing, like, two miles under the ocean. And I figure, Erlich and I already bought it, so I might as well hold onto it. Plus, it weighs like 8,000 pounds, so I couldn't move it if I wanted to.
Jared: Well, and it also kinda works as your mascot. Right? 'Cause of your name?
Bighead: Oh, yeah, 'cause "Nelson".
Jared: Oh, I meant because it's a big head.
Bighead: I guess that works, too.

Quote from S05E04 - Tech Evangelist

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