Silicon Valley Quote

Dinesh: (to Jeff) Guess what, asshole. Leon told me he wanted your ticket, because he wants to go see BattleBots with me. But then he remembered he actually had plans that night with a bunch of people, doesn't know what they're doing, their plans are sort of fluid, plus, it's like friends from his old work, so it'd be weird if I hung out with them. Anyway looks like you and I are going to see BattleBots. You're going to hang out with me, and have fun, whether you like it or not.
(Jeff looks frightened)
Gilfoyle: And what goes best with BattleBots? That's right. Chicken wings. That's why you get a sweet $50 gift card to Dave & Buster's. Serves you right for fucking us over. Wash your fucking hair.
Dinesh: And you know what happens when I get drunk, Jeff? I get so sincere. It's really awkward. Fuck you, Jeff. Oh, um, can you drive?

Quote from S05E04 - Tech Evangelist

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