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Richard: Excuse me, Ariel? Shut the fuck up. My fellow OctoPipers, allow me to paint for you a scenario. This morning, I went to Eklow Labs. I moved Fiona to our network. I departed. I submit to you that soon thereafter, Ariel's pride and joy, Fiona, began to improve. You see, for her entire life, she was cloistered alone with Ariel in his lab. And finally, she was connected to an entire network of other humans. Us, my friends. And as she became more cognizant more human, she started to recognize the true intentions of her master and creator, Mr. Eklow. You see, what she had been trained to view as normal interpersonal contact was finally seen for what it truly was. A perverse series of clumsy gropings. The sickening advances of a handsy, greasy little weirdo.

Quote from S05E05 - Facial Recognition

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